Feeling overwhelmed?
Outsource your
task list.
This is my mission
JusTASKsusan is a customer service oriented business. Tasked to bring balance to busy individuals, families and small businesses. My goal is to provide the services you don't have time for so that you can focus on the passions in your life.
JusTASKsusan is everything from your personal chef to watering your plants while you’re on vacation. JusTASKsusan will become NoCo’s go-to service. Put your home and business life back in balance today.

Shopping and cooking doesn't have to be a chore any longer! Whatever your food dilemma, JusTASKsusan can give you back the time you need and SAVE you money. From meal planning and shopping (so there is less food waste) to personal cooking lessons and having your own personal chef.


Do you ever wish you could clone yourself? Just Ask about house angel services and your wishes can come true. There just aren't enough hours in the day for busy working people. JusTASKsusan can help with all your tasks you can't get done. 


Running a business is no small feat, even for the most organized and efficient. Don't let the mundane tasks keep you from the passion that drives your business. JusTASKsusan can get the job done so you can focus on your business.