Susan McDonald, Owner Operator


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   After working the past 13 years as a contractor for the Federal Government, I was ready for some new challenges in my life. I wanted something I could create and call my own. For years, friends kept telling me I should share my passions like helping with menu planning, cooking delicious and beautiful food for parties and organizing special events (on a budget). I have an aptitude for marketing, creativity and thinking outside the box to save time and money. I am now ready to provide services to my clients to help them save time and money too. And have more balance and less stress by outsourcing their tasks to me. 


As a single mom raising two daughters, there were many times I wished I had a clone of myself to help out.  How I wished that there was a person who would wait for the maintenance man, feed my pet, and run those errands.  Every minute counted and any time away from work or family was difficult. I understand the working family, small business operations, and how much it would mean to have some extra help.


I am an Organizer for a group that is in the top 200 WORLDWIDE. Under my guidance for the past 9 years, we offer a varied list of activities for those 40 and up.  Providing a social calendar for those new to the area, newly divorced, or just wanting new friends has been very rewarding and a joy to watch friendships blossom.


Using my passion, skills, and talents, JusTASKsusan is here to help you make your life easier and stress-free. Call on me so your task list is free to do the things you truly love to do.


All the best for a wonderful life,