Everything Food 

When it comes to food and parties JusTASKsusan is there for you. A foodie at heart, I can help with everything food related. If what you desire is not listed just contact me with your idea.  

Personal Chef

 Who wouldn't love to have - scratch made, healthy (or not) meals prepared in your home and waiting for you! JusTASKsusan can customize any type of meal plan you like and have them prepared and ready to go.  


How much stress would it relieve to have meals prepared ahead of a hospital stay or on returning home from a vacation?


  No meal too big or too small.  Let's customize it to your needs and your budget. 

Menu Planning & Personal Grocery Shopping

 Saving you time AND money is what I do best! Shopping without a menu plan is a proven money waster for sure. Together we can create a menu plan you will love so you can eat healthier and have less wasted food at the end of the week.


I can take that menu plan and shop for you too! Oh heck, I can even prep your meals so your valuable time isn't spent in the kitchen.


Let's customize a plan just for you (and your family) so YOU can have more time and money. There is a plan for every budget, let's get started! A new year is the perfect time to start making the most of your time AND money.

In Home Cooking Lessons

Join in the latest trend of HOME COOKING! Not only is it healthier, it is budget friendly.


Whatever your pleasure is to learn - 30 minute meals, clean eating, heart healthy or budget friendly - let me show you how. From basics like stocks and sauces to how to make a fancy cheese board. Kids lessons (12 and up, limit 4) to couples (perhaps with a wine pairing).


Having the right tools for the job is essential as learning flavor profiles that will make your food restaurant quality. We can make it fun and educational. Plus you can eat what we make!

Themed Parties and Small Events

Now YOU can have a creatively themed party that looks like a million bucks! From a personal consult for a DIY party to a start to finish special event, JusTASKsusan can make it happen. I have created quite a few successful parties for all ages and I'm confident I have the ideas for yours!


If you need a few essentials for a small event to make it look great, like serving platters, barware, buffet items, check with me and perhaps I can save you the expense of buying by renting what you need.  



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Why choose JusTASKSusan?

I love food and entertaining and everything that goes with it. From conceptualizing to clean up. Give me a theme and I'll run with it. When my girls were in elementary school here in Loveland, I was the Volunteer Coordinator and put on elaborate Teacher Appreciation Lunches, I helped revamp the school carnival into a money making fundraiser with one hundred volunteers, I taught groups to cook and use great kitchen tools for ten  years while raising my two girls as a single parent. Shopping on a budget was (and is) a way of life. My love of teaching  and cooking continued into imaginative birthday parties and large parties for friends. I hosted yearly holiday open houses that were precisely themed right down to the food.   My personal experiences and attention to detail can make your event the most special ever.