It's Just Business 

Time is money is the old adage. How true it is. The list of services below (plus more) will certainly save you both. 

Houseplant Wizardry

Are the plants in your business looking a little drab?  Need to add more but not sure which ones to get? Unsure what to do with them?  Good news! I can help.  I currently care for over 100 houseplants on a daily and weekly basis.  All are thriving and happy. The benefits of healthy plants around  you is remarkable.  Whether you need to just revive and repot or divide and propagate or simply have someone else care for them. It's all possible.  I can help get your greenery green again.  Rates vary.

Courier & Delivery Services

JusTASKsusan is your go-to for pickup and deliveries. After hours? No problem. Let me get it done for you. 

Meeting Set Up

When you have an important meeting or conference coming up and need someone to manage the details, JusTASKsusan will get it done. From handling the venue, food, rentals or just getting presentation folders assembled. 


Whatever the need for your business event, JusTASKsusan can get it done, so you don't have to. Let's discuss some customized options.

Retreat Assistant/ Personal Chef

Save dining out costs for your retreat guests and have a personal chef take care of it. On site and ready for any or all meals. Prepared fresh to accommodate any dietary needs.  Retreat location must have full kitchen available.  


Just need help organizing and putting on a retreat? Let's talk. 

Airport Pick Up and Drop Off -My most popular service!

JusTASKsusan can be your personal airport connection (DIA). When you are tired of stop and go shuttles or have a red-eye flight, I can get you there quick and easy. Door to door pickup and drop off. 


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Why choose JusTASKsusan?

Experience is like time, it helps to have some.  I'm a mom of two successful adult daughters, a 25 year homeowner, entrepreneur, MeetUp Organizer for 9 years, a home chef and entertainer, the list goes on. I have management retail experience, upper level home based business experience and 13 years project manager/administrative experience with the Federal Government. If I can't do a top notch job for you I will find the best of the best for you to get it done. My customer's satisfaction is what really counts.  Let's customize your plan today.