Home, Pets & More

Below is a list of common tasks I can help with.  

JusTASKsusan is only limited to what your needs are. If you don't see your task, just ask. Customized just for you. 

Houseplant Wizardry

Are your houseplants looking a little drab?  Not sure what to do with them? Good news! I can help.  I currently care for over 100 houseplants on a daily and weekly basis.  All are thriving and happy. Whether you need to just revive and repot or divide and propagate or simply have someone else care for them. It's all possible.  I can help get your greenery green again.  Rates vary

House Angel Services

Weekly or twice-weekly house angel services can include general tidying up, dishes, grocery shopping, meals prep and/or prepared and any other home services you may need. Custom designed services to free up your time and make your home life more enjoyable. Contact me today for rates and questions.



Oversee Maintenence & Deliveries

No need to miss work waiting for the repair man or delivery. JusTASKsusan can do the waiting so you don't have to! 

From package/mail pickup and delivery to finding the right contractor for the job.  Whatever the need, let's get it crossed off the list. 


I can schedule home repairs/maintenance projects and can be there for you while contractors are in your home.

House and Pet Sitting = Peace of Mind

Don't let the newspapers, deliveries or mail pile up. Don't let the plants and lawn die!  Having someone to turn on a different light at night or open the blinds during the day can give your home a lived in look while you are are away. 


Cats and dogs are great on their own for a while but they still need food and fresh water, and fish need to be fed.


How much stress would it relieve you to have meals prepared or the fridge stocked on returning home from a vacation?


JusTASKsusan can make coming home a breeze.  Contact me for a budget friendly custom estimate.  

Personal Errands & Shopping

Scene #1  You have relatives/friends coming to town but you have to work. Your TASK list is growing by the minute. Get the kids picked up, get the house cleaned, plan some meals and go to the grocery store. Then cook! The dog has a groomer appointment, then there is laundry and the pile of recycle that needs to go. How will you get it all done in time so you can spend time with your company?  


Scene #2  You contacted JusTASKsusan for a free consult, came up with a custom plan and your task list just went away. Now you are calm, cool and relaxed with time to spare . Whatever errand you can't get done, JusTASKsusan. 

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Why choose JusTASKSusan?

I've been a homeowner for the past 25 years right here in Loveland.  Homeownership is A LOT of work.  Upkeep is never ending that's for sure. Finding reliable contractors, maintenance companies or lawn service is time consuming.  JusTASKsusan can help.